• The Sports Bra Reinvented

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Improve your posture

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"Why not combining technology with design?"

Most wanted bra by clients

The BARLETT™ is very helpful to women that has sports as a profession or hobby. A Sports Bra will never feel the same again after wearing the BARLETT, as it supports your breasts. The construction of the Bra shapes the bust in an advantageous way and is of course made of skin-friendly material. Sport Bras differ in their ingenious patent-protected lifting ability from other garments on the market.

“In this way, the shoulder part is relieved by about 80%”

 – Nils Rydell Med. Dr. Docent.

A Researched and Evaluated Sports Bra

The Barlett-Wing carries the bust from below through its inbedded technology function and design. Inventor and Designer of the BARLETT are Nadia Kylberg.

This bra is also evaluated by, among others associate professor/chief physician Leif Perbeck at the unit for surgery in Stockholm, Sweden.

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