About us

We have always wanted to design good looking and supportive Sports Bras. It has been years of development and research included, resulting in our latest product - The Barlett.

It has been a dream of us to deliver a unique type of women bra. How could we design a good looking, affordable and comfortable bra which is also sustainable? Do we need more companies producing new underwear? Since we want to represent a breakthrough in women's underwear, it was natural for us to build the company around what we love the most - Barlett Team.

Barlett is selling researched bra´s for women, that supports the bust from below which is shock absorbing, sports friendly, anatomical and sustainable through its micromaterials. Through Barlett you are offered a comfortable Sports Bra made of quality material.

Based in Sweden, we focus heavily on sustainability, which is why we chose our material based on a sustainable agenda. We ship our bra´s from our warehouse in Sweden, but we also offer direct shipments internationally from our other warehouses, trying to downsize our last-mile deliveries and decrease our carbon footprint.

We want to inspire people to buy more clothing that is sustainable, made of quality material, good looking and where our passion has driven us to deliver the Barlett bras. Every piece is unique. The clothes should wear you and not the other way around. By choosing Barlett you can enjoy your bra over a longer period of time. 

You are welcome to contact us at info@barlett.eu